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Pollen Quality Matters - Learn Why!

The Amphacademy is an international symposium for experts and researchers engaged in plant breeding and seed production. The focus of the Amphacademy is on practical applications of pollen quality monitoring. It is our aim to show methods for the use of the instrument to get the best results for data-driven decision making. 

After the great success of our first virtual edition last year, we have decided to perform our Amphacademy symposium in a virtual setting for another year. Also, because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause exceptional situations around the world that affect event planning.

From October 12 – 13, we have offered a series of expert sessions and external keynote lectures.

Virtual Sessions

Our series of sessions was live-streamed over zoom. Please see the details for each session below. You can watch a recording of most sessions by registering.



All our sessions are held with zoom webinar. Every session is an individual webinar and requires registration. Once you have registered for the session, you will receive a link that allows you to participate in the session. If you would like to attend several sessions, please make sure to register for all of them individually.

Amphacademy Archive

Please be aware, that during the sessions, all participants are in a “viewer only” mode. Participants are muted and the video is turned off. Participants can not see the names of other participants. This allows us to ensure the privacy of all participants. 

Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.