Accelerating Doubled Haploid Plant Production with Impedance Flow Cytometry

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Virtual Amphacademy 2021

Learn how the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer can help you significantly increase the efficiency of microspore culture

In this online session, Dr. Federica Assenza discusses a few ways in which impedance flow cytometry (IFC) can ease the obtainment of DHs via the androgenic pathway. She will show you how the results obtained with the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer can be used to: 

  • optimize the selection of buds or anthers and maximize the proportion of microspores at the right developmental stage for successful induction of embryo development
  • determine microspore viability at the start and throughout culture
  • estimate microspore density
  • observe the response to the induction and culture conditions and early predict the efficiency of embryo formation

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Key learnings from this session:

  • Know how the Ampha Z32 can increase your efficiency
  • Know how to generate an IFC map of microspore development

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Dr. Federica Assenza

Dr. Federica Assenza

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Dr. Gorka Santos

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