Shoot the Trouble - Knowing your Hardware Well Can Increase Your Performance

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Virtual Amphacademy 2021

Do not miss out on this practical user training for Ampha Z32 users and learn how to increase your performance

In this online session for users of the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer, Philipp Koerner introduces you to several ways how to speed up the troubleshooting process and avoid downtimes of your instrument. Discover:

  • how to identify, treat and avoid contacting issues
  • how to avoid air bubbles – an unnecessary extra population in your plots
  • the ‘white screen issue’ and how two simple changes in your computer settings can make your life easier

Watch the Session

Key learnings you will take home from this session:

  • Deepen your AmphaSoft skills
  • Know how to avoid common mistakes
  • Know how to exploit the full potential of the Ampha Z32

Your Hosts

Philipp Koerner

Philipp Koerner

Senior Supporter

Marco Di Berardino

Dr. Marco Di Berardino

CTO / Co-founder