We simplify, speed up and miniaturize pollen analysis to enable large scale pollen quality monitoring and unlock its potential to drive yield improvements in breeding and seed production.

Company Portrait

Amphasys‘ mission is to simplify, speed up and miniaturize complex cell analyses and move them to the point-of-use, which may be outside well-equipped research and analytical laboratories.

Amphasys was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Axetris AG, a company of the Leister group and focuses its activities in developing and marketing a novel, chip-based single cell analysis technology.

The basic technology has been developed in 2004 in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).  In 2013 Amphasys was awarded with the most prestigious Swiss startup price by the W.A. de Vigier Foundation. Amphasys was also supported by the Albert Koechlin Foundation and certified by CTI Invest®. Today, Amphasys is a speedily growing high tech company dedicated to reinventing single cell analysis and applying it to industrial production processes.

The Amphasys Team

At Amphasys we are dedicated to supporting you to reach your analytical and quality control goals through the implementation of Impedance Flow Cytometry into your workflows.

Dr. Marco Di Berardino Amphasys

Dr. Marco Di Berardino

Executive Partner
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Marcel Ottiger Amphasys

Dr. Marcel Ottiger

Executive Partner
Vice President of the Board of Directors

Rolf Baumann Amphasys

Rolf Baumann

Senior Sales Manager

Pamela Klein Amphasys

Pamela Klein

Sales Manager

Michele Sumi Amphasys

Michèle Sumi

Order Management & Export

Dr. Federica Assenza Amphasys

Dr. Federica Assenza

Team Leader Customer
Support & Consulting

Philipp Koerner Amphasys

Philipp Koerner

Support Manager

Cynthia Zajec Amphasys

Cynthia Zajec

Customer & Sales Support

Dr. Grit Schade Amphasys

Dr. Grit Schade

Senior Application Scientist

Silvan Kaufmann Amphasys

Silvan Kaufmann

Application Scientist

Dr. Periklis Sochos Amphasys

Dr. Periklis Sochos

Senior Software Architect

Sarah Bieri Amphasys

Sarah Bieri

Marketing Manager

Careers at Amphasys

Amphasys is a fast-growing and aspiring company with very ambitious goals. Consequently, we are looking for dynamic, talented and open-minded people who are committed and motivated to influence their own development and step beyond the mass. Feel free to send us your CV and your motivations for working in the exciting field of impedance-based single cell analysis.

We are currently looking for:


ICT International


Rhino Research




Phyto Sciences




Spectra Agritec


Shai Vision


Kem-En-Tec Nordic


Peak Technologies


Neutec Group