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Amphacademy 2019

Realize the Full Potential of Pollen Quality Monitoring for Breeding and Seed Production!

The Amphacademy is an international symposium for experts and researchers engaged in plant breeding and seed production. The 5th edition of Amphasys’s community summit took place from September 19 -20, 2019. 

The focus of this year’s Amphacademy was on key innovations in pollen analysis and how to drive yield improvements based on these findings. We presented the results from a large scale industry study, and of course our participants had the opportunity to engage in several practical sessions to maximize the value of systematic pollen quality analysis.


IFC-Concepts for DH Protocol Development and Optimization

Dr. Iris Heidmann – Acepo

Dr. Iris Heidmann presenting at Amphacademy 2019

Impact of Pollen Quality on Seed and Yield Production

Dr. Ewa Shreepaathy – Rijk Zwaan

Dr. Marco Di Berardino – Amphasys

Dr. Ewa Shreepaathy speaking about the impact of pollen quality on seed and yield.

Pollen Viability in Hazelnut: Best Practices, Preliminary Results and Perspectives

Lorenzo Ascari – University of Turin

Lorenzo Ascari presenting at the Amphacademy 2019

AmphaSoft 2.1.6 - New Features and Implications

Dr. Periklis Sochos – Amphasys

Dr. Periklis Sochos speaking about new features of AmphaSoft 2.1.6

Breakout Sessions

A series of five simultaneous breakout sessions offered insight into specific topics and enabled participants to discuss and reflect individual experiences.

Session 1

How to measure big pollen

Session 2

Hands-on measuring

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Quality control in the pollen supply chain