Fruit and Nut Production

High quality pollen and effective pollination are indispensable to ensure high yield in fruit and nut production. Asynchronous flowering of pollinator trees in the orchard, rising temperatures and droughts affecting pollen quality, as well as the decline of populations of natural pollinator insects severely affect this biological process and cause significant losses.


The correlation between successful pollination and fruit yield are therefore proportional: a fertilization rate below the possible maximum corresponds to a lower yield and an economical loss. Not every impact on the yield can be controlled but all factors regarding pollen can be supervised with Amphasys’ technology.

Amphasys provides pollen analyzers which determine pollen quality of all fruit and nut species in a simple, fast, and accurate way. This information helps to increase crop yield, reduce risk, and save money by:

  • Optimizing pollen harvest timing and improve storage conditions
  • Optimizing the pollination method
  • Quality control of pollen sourced from an external supplier

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We provide support & consultancy for the optimization of your pollen analyses for breeding and production processes

Especially sourced pollen for artificial pollination should exhibit a high pollen viability to make sure that the efforts are successful. The development of storage protocols and the supervision of supply chains are facilitated by Amphasys’ pollen analyzers.



  • Fast and easy-to-use method for pollen quality control

  • Immediate results for decision-taking

  • Reliable information of stored or sourced pollen quality

Amphasys Pollen Analyzers

Amphasys Pollen Analyzers provide pollen quality metrics which enable you to improve your plant breeding and seed production processes:

The Ampha Z40 is a high-end laboratory device. It offers full flexibility for all research tasks and predefined templates for routine quality control.

The Ampha P20 is a mobile high-tech instrument for greenhouses and fields. With its easy handling and automated data analysis you get immediate results on site.

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