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Pollen Quality Matters - Learn how!

The Amphacademy is an international symposium for experts and researchers engaged in plant breeding and seed production. The focus of the Amphacademy is on practical applications of pollen quality monitoring along the Pollen Supply Chain and how to drive yield improvements based on data-driven decision making. 

As the exceptional conditions in 2020 continue and complicate international travel, we have decided to perform the sessions virtually this year. There is no cost to participate and you can take the advantage to learn from and connect with the Amphasys pollen experts. 

Virtual Sessions

A series of nine individual sessions will be live-streamed over zoom. Please see the details and the registration for each session below. 



Please register for every session that you would like to attend through the individual registration pages. Each session will be streamed indivdually. 

Joining the session

All our sessions will be streamed with zoom, you do not need to create an account. After registration, you have received a confirmation containing a link to join our session and a 6-digit passcode. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the zoom platform where our session is hosted. Enter the 6-digit passcode that was also sent with your registration and click “Open Zoom Meetings”.

You will receive an individual reminder for every session you have registered for, one hour before the session starts. This reminder will again contain your individual link and passcode needed to join.

Thank you for joining in on time.

During the session

Attendees enter the session in a ‘viewer mode’. Your camera and microphone will be turned off and you will not be able to change those settings, furthermore attendees will not be able to see or hear each other in order to protect each attendees privacy. So don’t be surprised if you can only see and hear the Amphasys team.


To ask written questions during the sessions, a  Q&A section in the zoom toolbar is available. Your questions will not be visible to other attendees. Our team will screen and cluster your questions and they will be addressed at the end of each session. 

If you have more questions after the session or would like to discuss specific topics with our experts, we kindly invite you to contact us at

Recording of the sessions

All sessions, except for “Customer Success Story: Screening for Tomato Pollen Thermotolerance” will be recorded and can be accessed through a separate link that will be sent within 24hours after the session has ended. The link will be sent to all registered participants, regardless of whether they have attended the session or were absent.