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Amphacademy 2017

From September 15-16, 2017 we hosted the Amphacademy 2017. An international meeting for experienced researchers, leading scientists, opinion leaders and experts in the field of label-free single cell analysis. Initiated as a platform for the worldwide Amphasys community, the Amphacademy offers the possibility to discuss new perspectives in research and discover fascinating visions and exciting developments of the Ampha Z32.


Cytomechanic Regulation of Pollen Tube Growth

Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus, University of Zurich

Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus during his keynote lecture on "Cytomechanic Pollen Tube Growth"

Reproductive Biology in Hazelnut

Prof. Maria Consolata Siniscalco, University of Turin

Prof. Consolata Siniscalco during her keynote lecture on " Reproductive Biology in Hazelnut"

Analysis of Orchid Pollen

Dr. Iris Heidmann, Acepo

Dr. Iris Heidmann during her presentation at Amphacademy 2017 on "Analysis of Orchid Pollen"

Parallel Workshops

Two parallel workshops aimed at imparting practical training and general knowledge about the Ampha Z32 technology.

Workshop 1

Professional training for regular users

Workshop 2

Advanced training for very experienced users

Poster Session

This year’s interactive poster sessions intent was to encourage discussions and share multiple perspectives.

Have a look at the presented posters:

Melanie Ostermann, University of Bergen

Dr. Ruthger van Zwieten, Amphasys

Matt Dale, Rothamsted Research

Dr. Grit Schade, Amphasys

Characterization of yeast cultures with impedance flow cytometry

Silvan Kaufmann, Amphasys

Characterisation of protein expression in baculosvirus-infected insect cells by impedance flow cytometry

Dr. Christian Opitz, University of Basel

Dr. Marco Di Berardino, Amphasys

Educational Excursion

What an interesting day – filled with specialist and interdisciplinary exchange! On the excursion we discovered local craftsmanship and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the lake lucerne region.