Presentation Ampha P20: The Next Generation in Pollen Analysis for Plant Breeding and Seed Production

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Virtual Amphacademy 2021

Learn how new crop-specific microfluidic chips and fully automated data-analysis take pollen analysis to the next level.

In this online session, Jörg Schrickel presents the newest development in mobile pollen analysis: the Ampha P20. He will show the unique features of this instrument and the advantages in the routine work. Discover the:

  • portability of the instrument and the benefits of measurements in the field and in the greenhouse
  • ease-of-use of the Ampha P20 and the straightforward measurement process
  • automated data analysis and the benefits of immediate decision-taking
  • possibility to obtain all relevant information out the original measurement data and the benefits of full connectivity

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Key learnings from this session:

  • Know the benefits of using Ampha P20 for pollen analysis
  • Know the differences between Ampha Z32 and Ampha P20 and where each of the instruments can be used
  • Know why Ampha P20 is indispensable for precision phenotyping

Your Hosts

Dr. Jörg Schrickel

Dr. Jörg Schrickel

Head of Sales & Marketing

Marco Di Berardino

Dr. Marco Di Berardino

CTO / Co-founder