Precision Phenotyping: Added Value Through Systematical Pollen Analysis

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Virtual Amphacademy 2021

Learn about the important role of pollen quality in plant breeding and seed production

In this online session, Darío Sánchez talks about the importance and benefits of systematical pollen quality monitoring. He explains, how pollen quality monitoring can increase the efficiency of resources, reduce costs and increase yield. Discover why:

  • Amphasys technology goes beyond pollen viability and see a range of practical applications
  • Pollen quality measurements are essential along the whole development lifecycle from research to production
  • Systematical pollen analysis is an essential part of your phenotyping activities

Watch the Session

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know the benefits of pollen quality analysis
  • Know the areas where pollen analysis improves your efficiency
  • Know the value you can generate by phenotyping for pollen quality

Your Hosts

Portrait of Dr. Dario Sanchez Castro

Dr. Darío Sánchez

Regional Sales Manager

Portrait of Dr. Gorka Santos

Dr. Gorka Santos

Regional Sales Manager