Ampha Z40

Pollen Analyzer

Fast, easy, and accurate

Pollen Cell Analysis with the Ampha Z40

The Ampha Z40 is a new high-end laboratory instrument for pollen analysis and succeeds the proven Ampha Z32. It
covers all needs for efficient pollen analysis from plant breeding to seed production. An innovative technological
platform ensures accurate analysis of pollen viability and pollen concentration in just one measurement.

Ampha Z40 - Pollen Analyzer

Amphasys’s Impedance Flow Cytometer for the analysis of pollen quality for:

  • Increased yield in seed production
  • Increased reliability in seed production
  • Lower seed production costs

Knowledge about the performance of your genetics gives you the possibility to identify the best pollinator lines in an early stage, breed for higher heat resistance and optimize female to male ratios.  


• Pollen analysis of more than 250 species
• Determination of developmental stages of microspores
• Determination of pollen ploidy


• Increase breeding and production efficiency
• Increase yield and reduce cost
• Increase reliability in seed production


• Covers all pollen research tasks
• Real time manual gating and adaptation of settings
• Monitor and modify existing protocols

Benefits of the Ampha Z40

Universal: Measure Pollen of All Crops

The Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer allows to measure pollen of all relevant plant species ranging from vegetables and row crops to ornamentals and trees. Amphasys provides detailed application recommendations and support for more than 250 species. 

Besides, pollen characterization the Ampha Z40 can also be used as an easy tool to determine pollen ploidy or the developmental stages of microspores. The identification of the right developmental stage for DH production, significantly increases the output of embryos and makes it more efficient.

Magnification of pollen under an electronmicroscope

Efficient: Acquire and Share Standardized Pollen Information from Breeding to Seed Production

Overview of all areas of applications for the Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer

The information provided by the Ampha Z40 can be used along all stages from early research in plant breeding up to commercial seed production:

  • to improve doubled haploid (DH) plant production
  • for line selection in breeding
  • to optimize pollen storage, pollination protocols and female to male ratio
  • for routine pollen quality control in commercial seed production


Full Flexibility: From Research to Routine

The Ampha Z40 is the high-end pollen analyzer which covers all requirements for research as well as for routine measurements. The possibility to adapt protocols and settings in a flexible way to match the requirements of specific research topics makes it an ideal tool for in-depth analyses:

  • creation of own protocols
  • manual gating strategies
  • free variation of settings
  • adaption of buffer solutions

Pollen Viability Analysis with the Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer

The Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer is the successor of the Ampha Z32, dedicated for pollen analysis:

  • Pollen viability
  • Pollen concentration
  • Microspore developmental stages
  • Pollen ploidy

The key features of this new device are:

Syringe Pump

New syringe pump: more precise volume control and higher concentration accuracy

Embedded PC

Embedded PC with full software: no license purchase needed

Improved Fluidics

Improved fluidic system: shorter measurement time and less chip clogging


The AmphaSoft software intuitively combines instrument operation and data acquisition, and analysis for routine viability monitoring.

Advanced features include:

  • Flexible gate settings
  • Overlays to compare measurements
  • Data export in csv and html format

Consumables & Maintance


The newly developed microfluidic chips are available for small to very large pollen; up to 200 µm to cover the full range of pollen species and microspores. To find the right chip for your pollen application please consult our pollen analysis instructions.

Chips have a guaranteed lifetime of 1000 measurements.

Picture of Buffer Fluids for Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer

Buffers &

Amphasys provides optimized buffers for many pollen species and applications.

To find the right buffers and disposables for your pollen application please consult our pollen analysis instructions.

Support &

Along with the instruments, Amphasys offers Support and Maintenance Plans for user assistance and annual instrument maintenance.

Support is unlimited and includes both technical support and application recommendations.

Annual maintenance includes a check-up of the device, (re-)training for new and existing users and an extended warranty.

Pollen Analysis - Areas of Use

The Ampha Z40 is the ideal instrument for collecting information on lines and genetic material from early research to
commercial seed production. It supports process optimization with cost reduction and improvements for higher seed


Identification of microspore developmental stage

Early prediction of embryo yield

Correlation of recalcitrant microspores with parental lines


Precision phenotyping

Early selection of lines

Evaluation of heat stress and other abiotic effects on pollen

Production Research

Optimiziation of female to male ratio

Correlation of pollen viability and seed set

Development of pollen storage protocol


Routine pollen quality control

Application of pollen dilution formulation

Ensure sufficient pollen quality before pollination

Benefits of Pollen Analysis Along your Value Chain

The characterization of pollen cells and the determination of pollen quality generates highly valuable information about your genetics. It helps to speed up your plant breeding and makes seed production processes more efficient.

Increase yield in seed production

Selection of higher quality pollen

Selection of stress
tolerant lines

Adaptation of the
production design

Increase reliability in seed production

Increase reliability in seed production

Knowledge of the
pollinator performance

Consistent, location independent measurement

Reduce costs in seed production

Optimization of female to male ratio

Early elimination of bad

Development of pollen
dilution formulation


With the identification of the developmental stage of microspores you can select only these microspores which are appropriate for use for DH production. It is even possible to predict the yield of the embryos which turns your DH production much more efficient.


Pollen quality is an important parameter in plant breeding as it provides information about the impact of heat stress and other environmental effects on lines and allows an early elimination of bad pollinator lines.

Production Research

In production research the Ampha Z40 is the tool to improve efficiency: with the optimization of the female to male ratio highly valuable space can be saved, the knowledge about the right pollen viability threshold helps to produce only the necessary amount of pollen and to develop pollen dilution formulations. Furthermore, the development of pollen storage protocols secures a permanent stock of high-quality pollen.

Seed Production

In seed production our technology allows to routinely check pollen quality and to prevent a loss of highly valuable pollen. This can be done to check if the pollen viability has still sufficient viability before harvesting or before using it for pollination. Especially if pollen is shipped between locations, the Amphasys technology secures a fast and accurate quality check before and after shipping – independent from the location.