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Amphacademy 2018

The 4th Edition of our yearly community summit Amphacademy symposium on pollen analysis took place from September 14-15, 2018 at our headquarter at Technopark Lucerne. As a platform for the worldwide Amphasys community, the Amphacademy offers the possibility to learn from the experts, discuss new perspectives in research and discover fascinating visions and exciting developments of the Ampha Z32.


The Pollen Race to The Ovule: Well Watered Wins?

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Obermeyer, University of Salzburg

Amphacademy 2018 Keynotespeaker Prof. Gerhard Obermeyer

PowerPollen: A Breakthrough in Yield and Quality Enhancement in Hybrid Seed Production

Dr. Todd Krone, CEO Accelerated Ag Technologies LLC

Amphacademy 2018 Keynotespeaker Dr. Todd Krone PowerPollen

Development of A Quick Technique to Screen Microspore Reactivity to Haplomethods

Murielle Philippot, Cell Biologist Vegenov BBV

Amphacademy 2018 Keynotespeaker Murielle Philippot

An Overview of The Kiwifruit Pollen Industry and Future Opportunities

Callum Kay, CEO SKOOL Kiwi Fruit Science and Innovation Ltd.

Amphacademy 2018 Keynotespeaker Callum Kay

Breakout Sessions

A series of seven simultaneous breakout sessions offered insight into specific topics and enabled participants to discuss and reflect individual experiences.

Session 1

How to collect and prepare the perfect sample

Session 2

Session 3

Ensuring optimal instrument performance

Session 4

Analysis optimization

Session 5

Presentation of new software features

Session 6

Pollen storage and how to deal with stored samples

Session 7

Implementations of pollen quality analysis

Interactive Amphacademy Forum

The Amphacademy symposium was concluded with a panel discussion. Our experts, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Obermeyer, Dr. Todd Krone, Dr. Iris Heidmann, Murielle Philippot and Callum Kay discussed the distinction of pollen viability and germination and their importance for breeding and seed production.

Educational Excursion

What an interesting day – filled with specialist and interdisciplinary exchange! During a guided tour through the beautiful city of Lucerne, many hot topics were discussed in an informal setting, one of many were the challenges of climatic change on plantbreeding and seed production. At the “Rathaus” brewery, we attended a demonstration of the brewing process and enjoyed a delicious lunch. After a stroll along the shores of Lake Lucerne the excursion ended with a boat ride back to Lucerne Main Station.