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Predicting Embryo Yields in Wheat Microspore Culture

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Virtual Amphacademy 2021

Learn how VEGENOV uses the Ampha Z32 to study wheat microspore reactivity during androgenesis

Vegenov is an applied research centre specialized in plant science. The plant breeding research laboratory develops tools to support and accelerate breeding programmes. Murielle Philippot, project manager in cell biology, will present the result of a study on the use of IFC during microspore culture in wheat. She will show you how impedance flow cytometry was used:

  • for monitoring the viability of heterogeneous cell cultures such as microspores
  • for quick and simple evaluation of stress treatment efficiency
  • for early prediction of embryo yields from microspore suspensions

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Key learnings from this session:

  • Know the basic process of wheat microspore culture
  • Know how challenging it is to monitor microspore viability and reactivity during the in vitro culture
  • Know, how impedance flow cytometry can be advantageously used as a new robust, reliable and strong marker of androgenesis reactivity in wheat

Your Host

Portrait of Murielle Philippot

Murielle Philippot

R&D Cell Biology Engineer at Vegenov

Dr. Federica Assenza

Dr. Federica Assenza

Teamleader Customer Support & Consulting