Added Value in Breeding and Seed Production through Systematic Pollen Analysis

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13. September 2022, 2 PM, CEST

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Virtual Amphacademy 2022

Learn about the importance of pollen quality measurements in plant breeding and seed production

In this online session, Darío Sánchez talks about the importance and benefits of systematical pollen quality monitoring. He explains, how pollen quality monitoring can create value, save costs and increase yield.


Discover why:

  • Amphasys’ technology is a holistic method and delivers usable information from research and breeding to seed production
  • pollen quality measurements are important indicators for crop placement, base rate calculations and parent line characterization
  • pollen quality measurements are indispensable in times of climate change

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know, how you can increase reliability in seed production
  • Know, how you can reduce costs in breeding
  • Know, how you can increase yield and optimize processes in production research

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Your Hosts

Portrait of Dr. Dario Sanchez Castro

Dr. Darío Sánchez

Regional Sales Manager

Portrait of Lluc Pallares

Lluc Pallares

Regional Sales Manager