Customer Research Story: Assessing the Viability and Quantity of Cannabis Sativa L. Pollen

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14. September 2022, 3PM, CEST

Virtual Amphacademy 2022

Learn how the Ampha Z32 was used to evaluate the masculinization treatment of female plants.

The Working group “Cropping Systems and Modeling” at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, focuses on developing innovative methods and products along the entire cannabis value chain. This involves cultivation, harvesting and treatment technologies, as well as the improvement of cannabis genetics.

In this online session, Hamza Rafiq as part of the Hohenheim working group, will give insight in their recent projects and how pollen viability measurement helps them to improve their genetics. He will talk about:

  • challenges of Cannabis breeding on feminized seeds
  • masculinization of female plants using different chemicals
  • the sampling of pollen in the greenhouse and the analysis using the Ampha Z32 outside of the lab

Key learning from this session:

  • Know why it is important to analyze cannabis pollen
  • Know how to analyze Cannabis pollen using the Ampha Z32
  • Know how to use pollen information to speed up hemp breeding

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Your Hosts

Portrait Hamza Rafiq

Hamza Rafiq

PhD Student at

University Hohenheim

Portrait of Georg Roell

Dr. Georg Röll

Product Manager