The New Era of Pollen Analysis: the Mobile Ampha P20 and the Sophisticated Z40

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13. September 2022, 3 PM, CEST

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Virtual Amphacademy 2022

Learn how the next generation of Amphasys instruments level up your pollen analysis.

In this online session, Georg Roell talks about the latest Amphasys product innovations and how they make pollen quality monitoring even more convenient among different species.


  • how the automated data analysis for even more species simplifies pollen analysis
  • how the portability of the Ampha P20 enables pollen analysis directly in field and in greenhouse application 
  • how full connectivity simplifies device integration and data exchange

Key learning from this session:

  • Know the technical differences between Ampha P20 and Ampha Z40
  • Know the the main areas of use of the Ampha P20 and Ampha Z40
  • Know how the automated data analysis simplifies pollen analysis in the field and in the lab

Your Hosts

Portrait of Georg Roell

Dr. Georg Röll

Product Manager

Dr. Jörg Schrickel

Dr. Jörg Schrickel

Head of Sales & Marketing