Ampha P20


Easy to use

Automated Data Analysis

Picture of the Ampha P20 Pollen Analyzer

Ampha P20 - Pollen Analyzer

The Ampha P20 Pollen Analyzer takes pollen analysis to the next level! 

Faster, easy to use, and portable: these are the innovative features of the Ampha P20, making pollen analysis in plant breeding, production research and seed production much more efficient. 

Pollen Cell Analysis With the Ampha P20

The Ampha P20 is the first fully portable and autonomous pollen analyzer for on-site measurements: in the field and in the greenhouse. It is the optimal device for systematical screening for phenotyping and routine quality control. With dedicated, crop-specific chips we simplify the measurement and data analysis in an unprecedented way.

  • new crop-specific microfluidic chips
  • fully automated data analysis
  • easy handling for routine measurements and systematical screening

Pollen Analysis Applications

With its new crop-specific microfluidic chips, the Ampha P20 offers fully automated solutions from the start of the measurement to data analysis. Amphasys currently offers chips for the following crops: 

Tomato in greenhouse




Corn pollen in corn field


Picture of a wheat field


More applications are in development and will follow.

Application Areas

The Ampha P20 is an ideal instrument for the measurement of a large number of samples and for routine measurements wherever they are needed. Main applications are in plant breeding, production research and production.

Plant Breeding

Phenotyping of lines directly in the field

Characterization of short-lived pollen species

Immediate results for data-driven decision-making

Production Research

Data collection on site: in the field or in the greenhouse

Immediate results for data-driven decision-making

No training in data analysis required


Routine check of pollen quality anywhere

Location independent, standardized results

No training in data analysis required

Immediate results for data-driven decision-making

Benefits of the P20


Instead of bringing your pollen to the lab – you can bring the lab to the field! For the first time, this also allows the analysis of short-lived pollen species such as wheat, rice and corn on-site and enables pollen analysis wherever it is needed.  The Ampha P20 enables the optimization of processes at all stages where the viability of pollen is a success factor.

  • Integrated computer & batteries
  • Low transportation weight 
  • Robust case
A picture of the new portable pollen analyzer Ampha P20 in a greenhouse with tomato plants

Ease of Use

Picture of the portable pollen analyzer Ampha P20

The crop-specific microfluidic chips for the Ampha P20 are programmed with all the settings for fully automatic analysis. Only a few clicks are needed from the start of the instrument to the display of results.

  • Integrated touchscreen with operation wizard
  • User-friendly handling
  • Minimal cleaning and rinsing process times

Automated Data Analysis

The measurement results are displayed immediately at the end of the measurement. No manual gating and time consuming analysis of scatterplots is necessary. Decisions for further actions can be taken immediately. 

  • No experience in data analysis needed
  • Immediate results for data-driven decision-making
  • Ideal for systematic screening and routine measurements
Picture of the results display of the Ampha P20 Pollen Analyzer

Data Download

The result of the measurement is immediately displayed in numbers on the screen. The full data set including scatterplots obtained in the measurement can be downloaded and post-processed on an external computer with the original AmphaSoft software.


Picture of the microfluidic chip for the P20 Pollen Analyzer


The Ampha P20 requires crop-specific microfluidic chips: one crop, one chip. Chips for the following crops are available: tomato, pepper, wheat and corn. For tomato and pepper the chips allow the determination of pollen viability and concentration. For wheat and corn, in addition to viability and concentration, a specific counting mode allows the determination of the shedding behaviour by counting the number of collected pollen grains.

Amphasys guarantees a lifetime of 1000 measurements per chip.

Amphasys provides optimized buffers and consumables for many kind of pollen analysis.

Reagents and Disposables

To suspend the pollen for the measurement, Amphasys provides a specific buffer, highly adapted to the characteristics of the pollen species and applications. 

Overview of consumables per crop

Foto of the mobile accessory case for the Ampha P20


For the safe transport of all necessary materials and tools to the field or greenhouse, Amphasys offers a robust accessories case, identical to the instrument. Its compartmented interior offers well organized space for everything you need to prepare and analyze 100 samples.