How to Interpret Your Data - Data Analysis Tools and Beyond

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Virtual Amphacademy 2020

Learn how to read and interpret AmphaSoft data plots

In this online session for users of the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer, Grit Schade provides in-depth insights into the tools available for data-analysis and plot interpretation. Discover:

  • how to quantify aberrant cells
  • how to set up gating strategies for challenging samples
  • about equilibration of samples, bursting of pollen and stability of pollen in the buffer
  • about overlays: applications in ploidy, pollen development and pollen storage

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know how to interpret your data
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of different data analysis tools within AmphaSoft
  • How to make more out of your data – see beyond viability

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Your Hosts

Dr. Grit Schade

Dr. Grit Schade

Senior Application Scientist

Dr. Federica Assenza

Dr. Federica Assenza

Teamleader Customer Support & Consulting