Ampha Z32

Fast and label-free pollen analysis

Ampha Z32 - Pollen Analyzer

Amphasys’ Impedance Flow Cytometer is analyzing pollen not optically but with electric current. This innovative technology allows determination of:

Pollen Viability Analysis With the Ampha Z32

The Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer enables you to determine all of the above mentioned parameters in an unmatched accuracy, ease of handling and speed.

The determination of pollen viability with the Ampha Z32 is a fast, easy and reproducible method to evaluate pollen quality at any stage of your process. With this data you can optimize your individual process steps to an optimum and prevent losses of pollen and low seed set.

Easy 3 Step Workflow

Compared to traditional pollen staining or germination protocols, which require sample incubation and tedious counting of cells under a microscope, the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer offers:

  • Simple sample preparation – no staining, media preparation or incubation is required
  • Fast result – with measurements that take less than a minute
  • One method for all species – this technology works with over 200 species tested so far

Reliable Results

Analyze more than 10’000 pollen per minute and get reliable results on:

  • Pollen Quality: Ratio between viable and dead pollen
  • Pollen Quantity: count pollen grains (absolute number or concentration)


The AmphaSoft software intuitively combines instrument control and data acquisition, as well as real-time data display and offline data analysis for routine viability monitoring.

Sample tracking information can be imported and reporting include csv and html formats. Download the software.

Advanced settings include:

  • Flexible gate setting options to select what you count
  • Overlays to compare measurements
  • Flexible reporting in csv and html formats


Save time by automating sample loading for the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer. With the Autosampler you can process up to 192 samples per run, giving you time back to focus on other important aspects of your project. The fully automated procedure includes sample loading, measuring and data recording.


Microfluidic Biochip for Ampha Z32


The heart of the cytometer consists of a patented microfluidic chip equipped with microelectrodes. This high-sensitivity sensor measures changes of the electrical resistance (impedance) of the fluidic medium when pollen or other particles pass through the applied AC electric field.

To ensure the highest possible sensitivity, Amphasys developed chips for small to very large pollen; up to 200 µm.

Chips can be used for up to 1000 measurements when treated with care.

Amphasys provides optimized buffers and consumables for many kind of pollen analysis.

Reagents and Disposables

Amphasys provides optimized buffers for many pollen species and applications. See our product list or Pollen Analysis Instructions (former buffer recommendations) for more details.

Amphasys Ampha Z32 Mobility Package


For safe transport of the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer and use in greenhouses we provide a mobility package including a heavy duty transport casing with sturdy birch tree panels, foam paddings, metal reinforcements and handles as well as rechargeable batteries and a 12 V adapter.

Support & Maintenance

Our products are completed with support and maintenance services ranging from online support over expert training, customer specific execution of complex experiments and data analysis to all-around carefree support and two maintenance plans including on-site service, materials and extended warranty:


  • Free user support
  • 1 on-site-service including exchange of fluidic set (including material) and installation of software updates
  • Materials for quarterly maintenance
  • Free Amphacademy participation


  • All services of standard plan PLUS:
  • All service materials and work time included
  • Free replacement instrument
  • Free consumables (AmphaFluid pollen buffers and free replacement for out of spec-AmphaChips)
  • Extended warranty for the duration of the support plan

For customers in seed production we recommend the professional plan to allow upfront cost planning and to ensure the best support to make each pollen season a smooth experience.


Startup Procedure

Pollen Sample Preparation


Data Analysis

Quick Guides

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Cleaning and Maintenance

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Troubleshooting for Ampha Z32

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Optimizing Pollen Rehydration

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