In-Vitro Pollen Analysis Methods Under the Magnifying Glass

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Virtual Amphacademy 2020

Discover the different in-vitro pollen analysis methods and the benefis of IFC

In this online session, Marco Di Berardino will talk about the importance of pollen quality testing and why you need to have a reliable assay in place at all. He will elaborate on the different analysis methods commonly used and you will discover: 

  • what you need to consider to get a succesful assay
  • how choosing the wrong buffer negatively affects your results
  • why it is important to have a standardized¬† assay for quality control across time and space

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of different methods
  • Know why a standardized method is important for quality control
  • Know how operator bias can be minimized

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Your Hosts

Marco Di Berardino

Dr. Marco Di Berardino

Head of Technology & Support

Dr. Grit Schade

Dr. Grit Schade

Senior Application Scientist