Importance of Pollen Quality in Plant Breeding and Seed Production

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Virtual Amphacademy 2020

Learn about the important role of pollen quality in plant breeding and seed production

In this online session, Pamela Klein talks about fundamental aspects of pollen quality monitoring of different species. She explains how pollen quality monitoring can create value, save costs and increase yield. Discover why:

  • Amphasys technology goes beyond pollen viability and see a range of practical applications
  • characterizing and optimizing your pollen supply chain has the potential to increase seed yield
  • you need to validate your pollen storage protocols to ensure consistent pollen quality
  • standardized quality control for the international shipping and trade of pollen is so important

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know the benefits of pollen quality analysis
  • Know how to systematically characterize and improve the pollen supply chain
  • Know new tools for male line characterization (aberrant cells, pollen shed quantification)

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Your Hosts

Pamela Klein

Pamela Klein

Regional Sales Manager

Silvan Kaufmann

Silvan Kaufmann

Application Scientist