Applications of Impedance Flow Cytometry in Doubled Haploid Technology

Doubled Haploid Technology Volume 3 - by Springer Protocols

Doubled haploid (DH) technology is a very convenient approach in plant breeding to save a considerable amount of time, and the corresponding costs, to produce pure, fully homozygous parental lines, essential for large-scale production of hybrid seed. This is the main reason why it is widely used in private companies and academia to produce homozygous individuals. 

The new “Doubled Haploid Technology” Volume 3 by Springer Protocols compiles the knowledge of experts in the production of DHs in different species.

The book features a chapter on “Applications of Impedance Flow Cytometry in Doubled Haploid Technology”. In this chapter concepts for identifying critical success factors in a DH protocol are presented. It also shows how an early microspore response can be monitored by simple impedance flow cytometry and used to optimize a DH protocol based on androgenesis.

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