Amphasys Speaking at Seed Meets Technology

Seed Meets Technology

Seed meets Technology is an event where the focus is on innovative seed technology, variety assortment and adding value to horticultural seed. The initiators, together with other companies associated with the seed industry, want to strengthen the program of open days in week 39 with themes such as seed treatment, phenotyping, seed processing equipment, breeding support, sustainable crop protection and cultivation systems. Participants are required to actually demonstrate new products or services in the exhibition hall or on the demo field. The event “Seed meets technology” will take place from Tuesday, September 27, 2022 to Thursday, 29 September 2022 in Zwaagdijk, Netherlands.

Lecture on "How to Harness Pollen Information to Enhance Plant Breeding and Seed Production Efficiency"

On September, 27, 2PM Dr. Georg Roell will hold a lecture on the importance of pollen quality monitoring.


The impacts of climate change with heat, drought and extreme weather conditions put even more pressure on plant breeding and seed production activities which are struggling already with higher yields and disease resistance. Pollen information plays therefore an important role to detect impacts caused by environmental stress, select bad pollinator lines in breeding or secure efficient hybrid seed production.

Pollen viability, pollen amount and pollen shed dynamics provide important information in breeding and seed production as they can be indicators for stress and low performance. Maximizing pollen viability and quantity is therefore an important goal and essential to produce seeds in an efficient way.

Successful pollination is directly linked to the yield in seed production. Having a tool for rapid detection of pollination issues helps to exclude weak pollinating genotypes or adapt the seed production conditions.

In his lecture, Dr. Georg Roell talks about how the information retrieved from pollen quality measurements improves breeding and makes seed production more efficient. He showcases the latest product innovations, ranging from a new lab-based instrument to the first fully portable pollen analyzer for in-field pollen analysis and explains, how pollen quality monitoring can create value, save costs and increase yield.


  1. how the new generation of Amphasys instruments simplifies pollen analysis
  2. practical applications of the technology from research to seed production
  3. how Amphasys enables systematical pollen viability screening
Portrait of Georg Roell

Dr. Georg Roell

Product Manager