Introducing the new Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer

Pollen Cell Analysis with the Ampha Z40

The Ampha Z40 is a new high-end laboratory instrument for pollen analysis and succeeds the proven Ampha Z32.

It covers all needs for efficient pollen analysis from plant breeding to seed production. An innovative technological platform ensures accurate analysis of pollen viability and pollen concentration in just one measurement.

Picture of Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer in the laboratory

Pollen Analysis: Universal, Efficient and Flexible


Measure pollen of all crops: We provide guidelines for more than 250 species. In addition, developmental stages of microspores can be identified for a more efficient DH (doubled haploid) production.


The Ampha Z40 relies on a standardized method to provide accurate pollen information for use along the whole process from variety development and line selection to commercial seed production.


The Ampha Z40 offers full flexibility in settings and gating strategy to cover all pollen research tasks. It allows the development of own sampling and measurement protocols.