Other Cells

Milk: Somatic Cells

For the milk industry the quality of raw milk is a major concern. The presence of somatic cells (white blood cells, leukocytes) are mainly caused by bacterial infections and bacterial contamination. The presence of high concentrations of somatic cells, measured as Somatic Cell Count SCC, has an adverse impact on the quality of milk products.

Amphasys’ single cell analysis technology allows a direct determination of the somatic cell count in untreated raw milk. Although fat particles have similar dimensions as somatic cells, a clear discrimination and a reliable determination of the SCC is possible.

Algae, fungi, spores, plant and other cells 

With Amphasys’ technology all cell types with sizes between 1 and 50 μm can be measured and detected. Cell viability and cell concentration are determined in parallel, even in turbid and contaminated solutions and without the need of dyes, markers or incubation. Other cell characteristics like changing metabolic activity can be observed, if occurring.

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