Apple Pollen Viability Analysis

The Important Role of Pollen in Apple Production

Apple pollen viability plays a crucial role in apple production. Viable pollen is a basic requirement for successful pollination and therefore directly influences fruit formation and quality.

The viability of pollen varies throughout the day and can be negatively impacted by many external factors such as heat, drought or the application of pesticides.  Therefore, monitoring apple pollen viability is indispensable to ensure an optimal process – from pollen collection up to artificial pollination.

Apples on tree
Picture of an apple orchard

Main Fields of Application

Monitoring pollen viability with the Ampha Z32 Impedance Flow Cytometer allows rapid and accurate pollen viability testing with minimal sample preparation. Main fields of application are:

  •  – Characterization of germplasm for pollen viability and quantity
  •  – Optimization and control of pollen harvest and storage
  •  – Control of pollen quality before supplemental pollination
  •  – Assessment of the impact of artificial pollination process on pollen viability
A picture of an apple pollen viability measurement with the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer

The figure shows the result of a measurement of an apple pollen sample with the Ampha Z32. Before measuring, the pollen was stored at -20°C for 12 months. Before suspension in the measurement buffer, dehydrated stored pollen is rehydrated in a moist chamber.

Apple Pollen Application Note

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