Pollen Analysis Applications for Corn Pollen

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Virtual Amphacademy 2020

Discover practical examples of pollen analysis applications for corn pollen

In this online session, Federica Assenza gives an overview of pollen analysis applications for corn and shows how you can use them to generate value in plant breeding and seed production. Discover:

  • how to set-up a robust sampling and sample preparation method for pollen viability measurements
  • how to quantify pollen shed over time
  • how the environment influences pollen quality
  • how to identify pollen developmental stages through IFC

Key learnings from this session:

  • Know how to effectively collect corn pollen samples and measure quality and quantity
  • Get ideas on how pollen analysis can speed up breeding and help you solve seed yield issues
  • Know how to improve DH development protocols

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Dr. Federica Assenza

Dr. Federica Assenza

Teamleader Customer Support & Consulting

Dr. Grit Schade

Dr. Grit Schade

Senior Application Scientist