Solanaceae Pollen Analysis -
From Pollen Collection to Pollination

This session was recorded at our Virtual Amphacademy 2020.

Silvan Kaufmann takes you on a journey along the Solanaceae pollen supply chain. He talks about the fundamental aspects of pollen quality monitoring and shows how it can help you create value in plant breeding and seed production. Discover:

  • why the Solanaceae pollen supply chain is very diverse and has a great potential for optimization
  • how to identify the best timepoint for pollen harvest
  • that stress can have a detrimental effect on pollen
  • how to create specific pollination recipes and standardize pollination
  • why it is important to standardize quality control for international pollen shipment and trade

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Silvan Kaufmann

Silvan Kaufmann

Application Scientist

Portrait of Georg Roell

Georg Röll

Customer Consultant