Optimization of double haploid production processes

What is double haploid production?

Double haploid production is a standard method in modern breeding and its success strongly relies on the proper microspore selection. With our technology you can identify the appropriate developmental stage of microspores from various crops to further proceed with double haploid production.

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Identify proper microspore development staging

Amphasys offers a solution to identify the right stages, which makes the process of DH plant production more efficient. Save valuable resources through the implementation of routine measurements and data-driven decision making.

With the Ampha Z40 Pollen Analyzer it is possible to monitor the microspore development from an early uninucleate state until pollen shedding. It is therefore possible to determine the right stage exactly and extract only the micropores in the early to mid-uninucleate stage.

Microspore Development in Wheat

The graph shows an overlay of various measurements. Microspores of spikelet’s in different development stages were measured. A shift on the y axis represents the growth in volume of a cell, while the shift on the x axis shows a difference in cell status.

For DH production in wheat, microspores need to be extracted when they are in an early to mid-uninucleate stage. Our technology helps to identify the right location on the spike where the anthers of the spikelets have to be harvested.

The bar plot shows measurements of microspores of different spikelets of the same spike. The microspores of different spikelets are at different developmental stages and even one spikelet can contain microspores of various stages.

Optimization of Double Haploid Production

Microspore Developmental Stages of Oilseed Rape

Our technology provides the possibility to exactly identify microspores in the specific level. The figures below show measurements of oilseed rape microspores in various developmental stages. Microspores at a late uninucleate stage (highlighted) should be selected for the induction to proceed in the further process. The use of the right microspores for the subsequent DH production improves the efficiency of the whole process.

Amphasys Pollen Analyzers

Amphasys Pollen Analyzers provide pollen quality metrics which enable you to improve your plant breeding and seed production processes:

The Ampha Z40 is a high-end laboratory device. It offers full flexibility for all research tasks and predefined templates for routine quality control.

The Ampha P20 is a mobile high-tech instrument for greenhouses and fields. With its easy handling and automated data analysis you get immediate results on site.

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