The new 80 μm chips are available!

The new chips are designed to further increase the sensitivity for cells with a size of 15 to 40 μm. This chip is particularly useful for the analysis of small pollen, especially in combination with the 120 and 250 μm chips, because the same fluidic system can be used.

New Publication about Pollen Analysis

Impedance Flow Cytometry: A Novel Technique in Pollen Analysis. Analysis of pollen viability plays an important role in various aspects of plant breeding and production processes. Here, we show that the label-free analysis of pollen based on their dielectric properties by impedance flow cytometry (IFC) is a very efficient method for the determination of pollen viability and microspore maturation in a high throughput manner. In addition, IFC shows potential in pollen analysis with respect to germinability and ploidy. Heidmann et al. 2016, PLOS ONE

AmphaSoft 2.0 icon

New AmphaSoft 2.0 version for upgraded Ampha Z32

The proven AmphaSoft for acquisition and analysis of impedance flow cytometry measurements has been completely redesigned for state-of-the-art user friendliness, speedy experiments and integration of accessory tools for automated high-thoughput viability analysis. It runs on Windows 7 or 10 and requires the new Ampha Z32 cytometer or a hardware upgrade enabling even higher accuracy and speed. Contact us for further details.

Amphasys Wheat Pollen Analysis

Application note: Wheat Pollen Viability

Successful breeding and production of wheat and other crops depends on strong and healthy pollen: Only viable pollen can induce the growth of a grain. The higher the pollen quality, the larger the yield! Amphasys provides the unique and mobile tool to analyze pollen quality! See our new application note.


Presentation at CSEM in Alpnach

At the CSEM Microtalk in Alpnach, Amphasys will present its novel “lab-on-chip” technology and applications. The mobile equipment in combination with the label-free analysis enable many applications which were previously not possible.